We start with a pre- groom consultation where we discuss your requirements and make suggestions.

Full Groom

1.5 to 2 hours

Brush out

Shampoo twice & Conditioned

Facial scrub

Hand blow dry

Hair Cut

Nails Clipped

Pads clipped out

Ears cleaned and trimmed

Luxury finishing cologne spritz

Wash and Fluff

30min to 1.5hours

For when your dog needs a bit of a spruce-up but does not really need a haircut.

Brush out

Shampoo twice & Conditioned

Facial scrub

Hand blow dry

Luxury finishing cologne spritz

Additional Services

Varying times

Teeth cleaning

Ear plucking

Hand stripping

Available for all wire–haired or rough coated dogs such as border terriers. It involves removing the dead outer coat by hand rather than using clippers allowing a new wire coat to grow in.

It doesn’t hurt the dog as wire-hair is not attached like our own hair or the coats of many other breeds. In fact many wire-haired dogs enjoy it.

Prices vary depending on overall size and temperament of your pet, the condition and length of its coat, as well as the specific treatments that either you are requesting or we are recommending.

We will give you a professional consultation when you arrive for your dog’s first grooming appointment.

If your dog or cat’s coat is matted, you will be charged extra for the de-matting according to length of time taken.

Our cancellation policy here at The Cotswold Grooming Co is 24hours notice via telephone or email. This will avoid a charge on your next visit.

The Cotswold Grooming Co cannot guarantee to groom your dog or cat at the agreed time if you are 15 minutes late for your appointment unless informed by telephone.

The Cotswold Grooming Co
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