What hair cut should my dog have?

All breeds of dog, except mixed breeds, have a breed standard haircut. This is the haircut that you will see at both Crufts and your local dog show.

The breed standard is there to accentuate your dog’s genetic build and muscle structure and this standard is considered to be the best look for each individual breed.

Our aim is to make your dog look the best it can possibly be for the coat and genetic structure that it has. This could be anything from a breed standard to a teddy bear trim or something to meet your requirements.

Welfare is of the utmost importance to us here If your dog comes in with matting (a very knotty coat), we will need to clip it away. This may require a shot haircut. We can then work with regular appointments to get the coat length that is manageable for your lifestyle.

Why does my dog take longer to groom than my sisters' dog?

Different breeds have different coat types and take different amounts of time to groom. For example, a Yorkshire Terrier with a silky straight coat may take five minutes to dry whereas a toy Poodle of the same size with a dense curly coat may take 45 minutes to dry.

Even dogs of the same breed have different temperaments. For example, we may get a dog in that doesn’t like the high velocity dryer and therefore may take a lot longer to groom.

Why do you heath check my dog on every visit?

Sometimes your groomer can be the buffer between you and your vet.

As professional dog groomers we do much more than just groom your dog. For example, we can spot changes in skin and coat condition as well as behaviour which you may have not spotted.

We are hands-on with our dogs for eight hours a day, six days a week. If anything is wrong with your dog’s skin and coat the chances are we should be able to spot it.

We have detected various issues, such as, lumps and bumps in many dogs most of which are harmless. However, a few of these required expert veterinary attention.

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