TCGC Noir Collar

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The epitome of sophistication and style. Our Nior range features a classic red and black design made with Italian leather, wool felt backing and chrome fittings handmade with care by local company, Cotswold Hipster less than 20 minutes away from our locations.
Historically, the Italians have used the centuries old process of vegetable tanning their leather and taking great care in the process along the way. One of the hallmarks of good quality Italian leather is that they use full grain hides and process them in a way that produces a softer, more pliable leather than other methods of vegetable tanning. This is great for products that you want to be made of soft leather. This is why we use Italian leather in the whole of the Cotswold Grooming Co range as well as using dying methods nontoxic to dogs.
Matching leads available.
XXS – 28.5 – 18cm
XS – 30.5cm – 20cm
S – 34.5cm – 22cm
M – 39.5 – 27cm
L – 46cm – 33.5cm
XL – 53cm – 40.5cm